4 Fatal Sharing Economy Mistakes

When entering a shared marketplace, you have to consider the keyword there — “shared.” To partake in the benefits, you need to make it a win-win for everyone involved.

That means catering to those who have a stake in its performance, including supply, demand and the marketplace platform itself. Uber is successful because it covers its bases — it vets drivers, provides consistent, flexible work and delivers an outstanding customer experience to riders.

Businesses tend to fall flat in a sharing economy for four main reasons, but you can avoid that fate by following a few simple rules.

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4 Ways to Establish a Strong Culture Without Sacrificing Startup Success

Your culture permeates every facet of your organization — from employee recruitment and retention to brand awareness and advocacy — so it only makes sense that you’d place a high importance on cultivating it. But basing a majority of your business decisions on culture alone may do more harm than good.

While culture is essential to keeping staff engaged and satisfied, it should by no means negatively impact your financial future. It’s about striking a balance, which often stems from four distinct tactics.

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