Can Freemium Work for Your Enterprise Software?

Everyone loves free stuff, so freemium can be a great way to attract new adopters of your software.

However, if not implemented effectively, freemium can cause problems like flat sales or enabling freeloaders. But by using this strategy correctly, you can attract new customers who will remain loyal to your company for years to come.

In this Tech Cocktail article, TX Zhuo discusses the pros and cons of using freemium to produce new and loyal consumers and how to determine whether this strategy will work for your company.

8 Things Your Enterprise Startup Must Have Before Approaching Investors

A big fish easily stands out in a little pond. But when you’re a small fish in a big pond, it can be difficult to get VCs to notice you.

To receive funding from VCs, your enterprise company needs to differentiate its product from others. There are certain steps you can take to show investors that you’re the real deal and better than the rest.

In this Techli article, TX Zhuo discusses several vital things your business needs to attract a VC deal.