4 Strategies for Making Your Company Irresistible to the Best Developers

If you’ve ever started your own technology company, you know how hard it is to split your time between chief executive officer and chief technology officer.

My friend recently left his engineering job to found his own tech company. He built it, developed it, and called it his “baby” with no trace of irony. But as babies do, it grew. The technology platform started demanding more of his time. He had to give it up. Fortunately, he found a CTO who rebuilt the platform and took the products to new heights of usability, scalability, and form. Best of all, his new CTO made him a better CEO because he was able to focus on running the rest of the business.

This story illustrates the ever-growing value of an A-level developer, especially for budding startups. The demand for these developers is high, but the market is hypercompetitive. If done right, however, finding one isn’t as hard as you think.

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6 Critical Steps for Vetting and Selecting Enterprise Software

Implementing smart enterprise software can revive productivity. In fact, workplace productivity has jumped 84 percent in the last 40 years as a result of digital technology.

And it makes sense: tools like Box or Bitium enhance workflow and enable employee collaboration. And enterprise software can enhance employee mobility, allowing staff to access company data from any place at any time. In turn, this efficiency frees everyone to focus on high-ROI items.

In most cases, your customers end up interacting with the software you choose through shared interfaces or software recommendations, so their loyalty is also at stake. It pays to make the right choice from the start, and six steps can help you arrive at the best option.

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How to Optimize Your SaaS Sales Cycle and Boost Customer Retention

In SaaS, generating, qualifying, and closing leads is an exhaustive process. Before a company settles on a SaaS solution, the business development team must work with the CIO and IT team to identify an ideal solution, and legal must negotiate with the vendor before it cuts any checks.

Although you can’t bypass crucial steps in this process, there are ways to expedite the sales cycle and start pocketing revenue faster.  Continue reading